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Курс проходит в Лондоне, стоимость:

3w - £1800
  • Часов в неделю - 30
  • Курс проходит в г. Лондон
  • Возраст с 20
  • В классе учеников до: 10
Выгоднее чем в школе на 4079 руб.
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This Legal English course 20-30 is for lawyers aged 20-30 and covers a range of legal topics with a focus on contract drafting, legal case studies, negotiations and participation in meetings. You will develop the tools and gain the confidence you need to become an effective communicator in a legal context. You will also cover the general language skills to help you to interact confidently in a wide range of formal and informal situations.

Who’s it for?

This three-week legal English course is designed for newly qualified lawyers and law students aged 20-30. Typically, course participants need to develop their oral and written skills to help them communicate complex legal ideas and concepts to partners, clients and colleagues in a variety of formal and less formal contexts including meetings, negotiations, and networking events.

On completion of your Legal English course 20-30, you may wish to continue with a formal Legal English qualification, either by taking our TOLES exam preparation course (an additional one or two weeks).

The Benefits

At the end of the Legal English course you can expect to:

  •  Be able to communicate more confidently and spontaneously in a legal context
  • Be able to communicate more accurately in a legal context
  • Be able to use specialised legal terminology more effectively
  • Be able to write more effective legal texts
  • Be able to participate more confidently in meetings and negotiations
  • Have improved your networking skills

Course Content

This legal English course focuses on developing your English skills in a legal context, and the vocabulary of aspects of criminal law, civil law, including contract law, and EC law. Areas of focus include:

  • Spoken fluency – case studies, legal process, negotiations
  • Legal vocabulary – relating to commercial law, contracts, describing legal concepts
  • Grammar development
  • Listening comprehension
  • Communication skills – discussions, negotiations, conflict, dealing with difficult situations
  • Telephoning and oral communication
  • Networking English – hospitality, travelling, inviting, advising, apologising.
  • Visiting legal experts
  • Visits to the Old Bailey and the Civil Courts when in session
  • Word Stream legal English online course

Included in fees

Fees include training plus:

  • All Legal English course materials and resources
  • Daily three-course lunch (Monday to Friday)
  • Weekly networking reception
  • Access to LondonSchool Online platform
  • Detailed end of course progress report
  • Three legal London visits (courts and Parliament)
  • Three lectures by legal experts


Intensive General (~ age 29)

22 часов в неделю
до 12 учеников

General & Intensive English

Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 2017 руб.
General English 30+ ( ~ age 42)

22 часов в неделю
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Выгоднее чем в школе на 1507 руб.
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Выгоднее чем в школе на 4079 руб.
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30 часов в неделю
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Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 4079 руб.

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