Speak Up London

Курс проходит в Лондоне, стоимость:

2w - £200
  • Часов в неделю - 12
  • Курс проходит в г. Лондон
  • Возраст с 18
  • Уровень владения: Intermediate
  • В классе учеников до: 16
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This course is for experienced business people who want to develop and improve their language skills and want an intensive course to make fast progress and improve their English communication skills and vocabulary.

Course objectives

This course focuses on developing English language confidence and giving students a skill-set for high-level international communication and relationship-building.

The Speak Up London Business English course provides a valuable opportunity to see how others work in different markets, while sharing the experience of mastering a new language.

Course content

This course focuses on topics relevant to business clients around the world and is personalised to your needs. Some of the topics for study include:

  • Meetings and discussions
  • Phone and online communications
  • Business networking and socialising
  • Negotiating
  • Giving presentations and keynote speeches
  • Business Communication

Additional Information

  • Registration fee 5047р.
  • Learning Material 3090р.
  • Accommodation Placement fee 5150р.
  • Transport Transfer Fee 10300р.
General English
до 16 учеников

General & Intensive English

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Business English

12 часов в неделю
до 16 учеников

Business / Executives

Ваш уровень: Intermediate
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до 16 учеников


Ваш уровень: Intermediate
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