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Курс проходит в Глазго, стоимость:

2w - £463
  • Часов в неделю - 22
  • Курс проходит в г. Глазго
  • Возраст с 16
  • В классе учеников до: 12
Выгоднее чем в школе на 1049 руб.
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Who is the course for?

The course is designed for students who are preparing for pre-sessional or direct study in UK universities at undergraduate or postgraduate level. The Academic English Course will help you understand the kind of language which will be used in lectures and in an academic context. We will focus on improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills throughout this course.

What will I study?

You can read the full course outline here. The Academic English course has 3 components: 1. General English (15 hours per week)
  • Focuses on developing your language for everyday purposes
  • Each lesson will allow students to practise and improve their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills
  • Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are also developed
2. Academic Skills / IELTS Preparation (7.5 hours per week)
  • Academic-focused extension
  • Basis for further study at a British institution of higher learning
  • Practise common study tasks such as presentations, essay writing and note-taking
3. Self-study (2.5 hours per week)
  • Is a series of independent learning tasks with support from your teachers
  • It is designed to bridge the gap between language study and undergraduate or postgraduate study
  • Our library and study centre are available to support you for this element of your course

What are the benefits?

Our Academic English course is designed to help you bridge the gap between General English and university study.  Weekly tests and 3-weekly tutorials mean that you can keep track of your progress.  One of the biggest benefits is being able to settle into Glasgow before you start your university study.  Learn English in Live Language and feel part of a family, even when you’re far from home.

What’s the best way to progress?

Immerse yourself in English in your time with us.  We pride ourselves in giving you as many opportunities as possible to learn English.

  • Visit our Academic Support Tutor.  Kenny is there to help you with any aspect of your English.
  • The Social Programme is the ideal opportunity to make friends from other countries and see our beautiful city.
  • Follow us on Facebook – you can keep up to date with all of our events and news.
  • Chat with our team – the staff in Reception and the café are friendly and always interested in meeting new people.
  • Do a language exchange with one of our Scottish students.  We also teach a lot of Foreign Languages – everything from Spanish to Norwegian.  Jose is on hand to help you arrange everything.
Academic English

22 часов в неделю
до 12 учеников

General & Intensive English

Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 1049 руб.
General English

15 часов в неделю
до 8 учеников

General & Intensive English

Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 1630 руб.
IELTS Preparation Course
до 12 учеников


Ваш уровень: Intermediate
Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 1340 руб.
CELTA teaching qualification

30 часов в неделю
до 6 учеников

Teacher training: CELTA / TKT / CLIL

Ваш уровень: High Intermediate
Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 2833 руб.

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