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4w - £1396
  • Часов в неделю - 30
  • Курс проходит в г. Лондон
  • Возраст с 18
  • Уровень владения: High Intermediate
  • В классе учеников до: 10
Выгоднее чем в школе на 3163 руб.
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Teaching English as a second language is an exciting and rewarding career choice. St Giles London Central offers the internationally recognised TEFL award; the Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages – CELTA.

The CELTA course at St Giles London Central includes a four-week programme of intensive study, six hours of teaching practice, observation of experienced teachers and coursework assignments. On successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally recognised certificate, which can help you to find a good teaching job at a reputable school.

What does a CELTA Course Provide?

The Cambridge CELTA is a TEFL Course which offers you an internationally recognised qualification for teaching English as a foreign language. A CELTA qualification will provide you with the skills and confidence to stand in front of a class, teach and take advantage of many varied opportunities to live and work in the UK, USA and abroad.

CELTA Assessment

There are two components of assessment which are as follows:

Component One – Teaching Practice

On both the intensive and online CELTA course, students will be expected to teach for a total of six hours, working with classes at two ability levels. Assessment is continuous and based on your overall performance at the end of the six hours.

Component Two - Written Assignments

You will be asked to complete four written assignments; one focusing on adult learning, one on the language system of English, one on language skills and one on classroom teaching.

The certificate is awarded to candidates who meet the course requirements and whose performance meets or exceeds the criteria for both assessment components. Your progress is carefully monitored by the tutors throughout the course and final grade outcomes are as follows: Pass, Pass ’B’, Pass’A’.

CELTA Entry Requirements

No previous teaching experience or knowledge is necessary but candidates should have a university degree or standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education.

Non-native speakers of English are welcome provided that they have a high level of English: at least C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) (preferably CEFR Level C2). Good language awareness is essential.

Following the initial application, all candidates will be sent a pre-interview task which will test awareness of the English language. You will also be asked some questions on the process of teaching and learning.  This task needs to be completed and sent back to the Teacher Training Administrator. Upon successful review, candidates will be invited to an interview - face-to-face, on Skype or by telephone. During the interview, a Teacher Trainer will assess your suitability for the course and will give you an additional short written task to complete.

Please note that for candidates who are out of the country, we will conduct phone/Skype interviews and the written task will be sent to you for completion prior to the scheduled call. 

Grammar Booster Course

The Grammar Booster Course is designed for students intending to take a Teacher Training course who feel they need to become more confident in grammar. This six-hour course will focus on a variety of grammatical and lexical terms, including the identification of parts of speech and familiarisation with verb tenses.

The intensive day course will take place four times this year, between 10am - 5pm and costs £65 per session.

General English
до 12 учеников

Курс: General English
General & Intensive English

Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 1428 руб.
Beginners English
до 8 учеников

General & Intensive English

Ваш уровень: Beginner
Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 1428 руб.
IELTS preparation
до 12 учеников


Ваш уровень: Intermediate
Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 1287 руб.

30 часов в неделю
до 10 учеников

Teacher training: CELTA / TKT / CLIL

Ваш уровень: High Intermediate
Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 3163 руб.
For university studies
до 12 учеников

English for Specific Purposes

Ваш уровень: Low Intermediate
Описание Описание

Выгоднее чем в школе на 8484 руб.

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