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Курс проходит в Лондоне, стоимость:

1w - £210 2w - £380 3w - £570
  • Часов в неделю - 15
  • Курс проходит в г. Лондон
  • Возраст с 16
  • В классе учеников до: 12
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FCE is an intermediate level Cambridge ESOL exam, at level B2 of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Choose FCE if your knowledge of English is adequate for many practical everyday purposes, including business and study.


FCE is ideal if you want to work or study abroad or to develop a career which requires language skills (e.g. business, medicine, engineering). FCE indicates sufficient proficiency in English to be of practical use in clerical, secretarial and managerial jobs in many industries, in particular tourism, where contact with English speakers is required.


Successful candidates have the ability to deal with routine letters and telephone enquiries, and to cope with some non-academic training courses and simple textbooks and articles. FCE is also useful preparation if you are working towards higher level exams, such as CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) and CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English).


Our highly intensive preparation course includes:

  • Preparation for Reading, Writing, and Use of English papers
  • Preparation for Speaking Test and Listening papers
  • Exam practice
  • Up to 10 hours homework per week

If you want to do the Cambridge FCE exam at the end of your language course, please make a note on the booking form.


Our courses are primarily designed for people taking the paper-based exam. The exam dates below are for paper-based exams. Students taking the computer-based exam are still able to join the course, and the difference between the two exams will be discussed.


We offer 3 different FCE preparation courses to meet individual requirements. Our FCE Compact course is for people who only have a maximum of 4 weeks. FCE 22 is exam preparation only and FCE 45 is combination of General English and exam preparation.

General English

22 часов в неделю
до 12 учеников

Курс: General English
General & Intensive English

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IELTS Exam Preparation

15 часов в неделю
до 12 учеников

Курс: IELTS Exam Preparation

Ваш уровень: Intermediate
Описание Описание

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Cambridge FCE Exam Preparation

15 часов в неделю
до 12 учеников

Examination preparation courses

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